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Miltex Acquires Warrior Gear

To bring even better service to customers of both businesses, renowned Canadian military textile manufacturing organization Miltex Solutions Canada Inc. has acquired esteemed tactical equipment provider Warrior Gear.

The new formal partnership allows both companies to utilize each other’s unique resources to bolster production, sales, repair and related services on behalf of customers in both the private and public sectors.

Both brands will continue to operate as usual, but now they can tap into one another. Two separate production facilities will result in more flexibility for either outlet to fill orders and service customers -- including the Department of National Defence, the RCMP and the OPP -- like never before.

Additionally, the new arrangement allows great industry minds to come together, as highly reputed Warrior Gear Canadian Armed Forces veteran Luca Sestito teams up with a Miltex staff that includes venerable master rigger Ross Prophet, parachute expert Guy Plamondon, and a deeply experienced squad of operations specialists, engineers, repair-and-overhaul technicians, and manufacturing professionals.

“We’re extremely excited to take both Miltex and Warrior Gear to the next level,” said Miltex President Brad Gagnon. “By sharing ideas, processes and expert resources, there’s significant room for both brands to grow, both online and in terms of what we offer major government and private organizations throughout Canada and the world.”



About Warrior Gear

WARRIOR GEAR was officially established in 2001, this Ottawa Valley owned business comes with 30+ years of experience from serving in the Canadian Armed Forces. Warrior Gear was created by the demand of better quality gear for active members of the CAF and any need for repairs or modifications to existing gear.

After a devastating fire in October 2018 destroyed the business, Owner John Laporte decided to take a well deserved leave from his extended military service. We have committed to carrying on the requirement of creating military equipment by Veterans for members of the CAF.

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