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An emphasis on quality and a clear understanding of our clients' needs.

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Our sewing technicians manufacture a wide variety of highly complex textile items including personnel and cargo parachutes, drone parachutes, tents, shelters, liners, tactical pouches, ejection seat components, air-droppable rescue kits, safety harnesses and more. 


Miltex manufactures, designs, and tests both textile and hardware components suited to specialized applications for military or commercial use across the full spectrum of operations, including: major air disaster, military strategic/operational sustainment, military tactical re-supply, humanitarian aid, and arctic sovereignty operations. 



Miltex performs repair and overhaul for military Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) items as well as soft wall shelter products. We investigate, recommend and design processes for repair of any textile product a customer brings to the table. 


Our facility is fit to receive large or small shipments and our highly trained technicians provide quick and adaptive thinking to resolve issues in expert fashion. 



Our team has military and commercial experience in design and customization of textile and mechanical products. We specialize in aerial delivery products for military or commercial applications. 


With a broad range of experience and talent, we are able to provide innovative and advanced solutions to even the most complex problems.



Our mechanical technicians have decades of experience in manufacturing, investigations, and repairs of aerial delivery mechanisms and devices. 


Testing, troubleshooting and investigative reports are provided to a multitude of customers on mechanical devices used in air deployments of both personnel and cargo drop mission kits.

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Miltex Solutions Canada provides a wide variety of services and products related to military applications for governments and clients around the world.
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